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Translation Handling Services is working internationally for you every day since 2005 in order to provide you with translations at the highest level of quality.

Translations prepared by certified translators

Every translation is prepared by a certified translator, whose mother tongue is the target language and who has studied the source language.

But this alone is not enough. The subject area of the translation is also important. Again, this is differentiated by Translation Handling Services, and every specialized text is handled by a translator who has preferably an additional education, many years of experience and very good references in translating texts from the corresponding field.

We ensure uniform terminology and support you in achieving and maintaining clear communication within your company.

Further language services

In addition, the team of Translation Handling Services includes highly qualified editors, copywriters, technical writers, programmers, graphic designers and lecturers. Together, under the guidance of Mrs. Christiane Buttke, they constitute a highly efficient team that puts your orders, desires and ideas into action.

Translation of websites

We are specialised in the translation of websites, maintenance and regular care containing all SEO activities. This service includes the complete necessary work onpage, in content and metadata as well as in communication with people working with surrounding servers and third party IT suppliers. You can trust on our experience based on special technical education and practise for many years.

It goes without saying that confidentiality is as important to us as competence and friendliness.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Your team from Translation Handling Services

Profit from our qualified services and favourable prices!

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