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Translation agency for your technical translations into German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages in Hamburg

We offer you worldwide mobility in all European languages at reasonable prices with a comprehensive range of translations and proofreading as well as maintenance and marketing for web pages and other web projects!

Translations for companies, tradesmen, doctors, authors and more

Translation Handling Services provides professional translations and other language services for companies, tradesmen, doctors, dentists, scientists and authors. We translate into the following areas:

  • economy and law,
  • technology / IT, software / programs,
  • medicine / cosmetics,
  • websites / apps,
  • marketing / social media,
  • education / teaching,
  • Literature.

However, you can also send us smaller translation orders, for example if you would like a wedding speech translated or a letter or e-mail. We are always there for you.

If you

  • want documents translated or corrected or edited,
  • need technical manuals or software translated and localized
  • or want to build a multilingual website of the latest generation and need a translation for your website (best including optimization for search engines).

For a professional translation we are at your disposal as a reliable partner.

Translation of websites and localization of texts into your webpage

At Translation Handling Services, we specialise in the translation, localisation and maintenance of websites. We are also familiar with the technical maintenance of websites and their optimization for search engines in German, English, Spanish, French and other European languages. You can give us all international work including language services and technology in one hand.

Translation Handling Services - your online translation agency for professional specialist translations

You can reach our special express service via the corresponding quick contact button on the right! We at the online translation agency will then quickly take care of your enquiry.

Please send us your inquiry and attach your exact sender information. You will then quickly receive a free, detailed offer.

Your team from Translation Handling Services

Translation office in Hamburg

International understanding - that's what we're working for!

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